Esha Meher is a scholar of religion and law focusing on the making and unmaking of contested sacred spaces in South Asia. She is a lawyer by training and has practiced Constitutional and Human Rights Law in India, UK and Bangladesh. Prior to pursuing her doctoral research, she studied law and religion as the William C Sengel Scholar and the Nelle Martin Tuggel Scholar at Yale.






Dalena Ngo is in the Department of History of Science and Medicine at Yale. She received a BA in Biology and American Studies from St. Olaf College and an MA in Ethnic Studies from the University of California. Her academic interests center around the university as a site of both care and conflict, one where militarization proceeds hand-in-hand with a multicultural rhetoric of inclusion, specifically in its health enterprise and medical centers, as spaces where liberal race orders are invoked in defense of a system that routinely inflicts imperial violence aboard while simultaneously normalizing and routinizing the slow violence of neoliberalism at home.